Strain Transducer Meter

New to the Techni Measure range are the strain gauge transducer amplifiers from Synectic Electronics.

Whilst there are many different models available, each offering their own particular application solution, of special note is the model SY031 which is a low cost, battery powered, 41/2 digit LCD meter, suitable for conditioning and display of signals from load cells or any strain gauge based transducer.

The model SY031 hand held strain gauge bridge meter is a simple, economical, portable instrument for measuring scaled loads on a variety of sensors. The meter is easy to calibrate by applying a known load, or employing the standard 100Kohm internal shunt calibration resistor, and holds up to 16 channels of calibration data in a non-volatile memory for easy use with different sensors.

The meter also offers 160msec peak and trough hold, and with the RS-232 option can output readings at user programmable time intervals. Approximately 40 hours of battery life can be expected from the two AA batteries, and data entry is via the five button, membrane keypad. The standard sensor connector is a latching 4-pin DIN connector, but other options are available.

The grey plastic (ABS) IP65 case measures 152 x 83 x 34 mm and comes supplied in a zipped vinyl case. Other bridge amplifiers in the Synectic range include several models similar to the illustrated SY038. This unit offers user selectable sensitivity to match any sensor, and has current or voltage output options. Easy fine set up is made with adjustable zero and span potentiometers, and the unit is housed in a DIN rail mount case measuring 72.5 x 62 x 18 mm.


June 2014

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