Strain Gauge Adhesives

TML, our strain gauge supplier, has recently announced that the packaging for several of their strain gauge adhesives needs to be changed.

This is in line with changes in shipping arrangements and means that it is no longer possible to deliver the same larger 100gram tubes of adhesives that have been possible in the past. This change affects mainly our polyester adhesives but also some of our coating materials. In fact the very popular N-1 neoprene rubber coating can no longer be delivered at all.

The various changes are shown in a new leaflet that we have produced but a summary follows of the main differences. The old P-2 and RP-2 100g tubes are now supplied in a new 25g tube size. The old PS 200g is now also 25g and the C-1 phenol adhesive is down from 50g to 25g. Both the EA-2 and A2 epoxy adhesives are also reduced from 50g down to 25g tubes.

The popular NP-50 room cure high temperature adhesive is down from 50g to 25g, but has become NP-50B to denote a change in setting time. Gauge installations should now be left for about 24 hours before use. The various hardening agents have also been reduced in size accordingly, but the various cyanoacrylate adhesives remain unchanged. Apart from the N-1, TML have also deleted from their range the two epoxy resin coatings and the 3 Bond 1521B, and the K-1 quantity is reduced from 90g to 25g. Otherwise the rest of the coating supplies remain the same. Since the method of overseas shipping has had to be altered as well, the prices have changed significantly, so please ask before purchase.

For more complete information about these changes, please ask for a copy of our TML Adhesives & Coatings leaflet.

April 2015

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