TTS Systems are Moving Forward!

UK based manufacturer of innovative web tension measurement and control products - TTS Systems. Is currently moving from Ashford, Kent to Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, this move will improve final assembly and testing, whilst also providing space for future R&D projects.

The company has been leading the way in the design of tension transducers - cartridge and flat bed loadcells, instrumentation and controllers since 1998. We are also able to provide custom engineered bespoke solutions based around our standard products, which can reduce the system design costs and delivery times.

Our products are extensively used in the paper, process, converting, plastic film and web printing industries. In fact any material on a roll or reel that is processed through an automated machine can be have its tension measured and controlled. This will improve the quality of the end product, reduce the waste / scrap material and could increase production speeds.

Web tension is measured from the wrapped roller using strain gauged loadcells. The resulting signal is then fed into the signal conditioning amplifier and the resulting signal can then be displayed as the measured value or further processed to control the web tension via a TTS closed loop controller. In turn the controller can regulate the speed of the drive, brake or clutch thereby ensuring constant material tension throughout the process.

Working with System Builders, OEMs and End Users providing technical support and back up in the UK and Europe through our direct staff or distribution partners. We are currently looking to grow our distribution network in mainland Europe and would like to hear from interested parties.

For further information please contact:

TTS Systems
TTS Systems in the trading name of Total Tension Solutions Ltd
Tel: +44(0) 1233 624422
Fax: +44(0) 20 8515 6002

July 2017

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