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IDAM 7000 Remote Data Acquisition Modules

The IDAM 7000 series of Remote Data Acquisition Modules
provide an extremely simple and cost effective solution to
allow any PC equipped with a serial port to carry out
monitoring and control applications.

Each module has an on board microprocessor for control and communication
is carried out over a 2 wire RS485 communication link at data rates up to
115kb and distances of up to 4000 feet. A serial command and response
protocol makes control of the modules extremely easy from any high level
language under any operating system. A simple setup utility for DOS and
Windows is provided free with the modules and DLL or DDE drivers are
also available.

Analogue Input modules are available to monitor thermocouples, RTDs,
voltage and current signals. Readings are automatically converted into
engineering format and transmitted to the host computer on request.

Output modules give either voltage or current outputs with microprocessor
controlled slew rate. In addition to the analogue modules, a selection of
digital I/O modules provide high voltage input, open collector and relay

Where applicable, the 7000 series modules are compatible with the
ADAM4000, Nudam 6000 and Quatech  8000 types and in addition,
the IDAM 8000 series will soon be available providing plug-in
compatibility with the ADAM 5000 range.

Applications that require localised intelligent control are ideally suited
to the I-7188 series embedded controllers which are based around the
AMD 80188 40MHz CPU, running Datalight ROM DOS as the operating
system. Libraries and demonstration programmes are supplied allowing
applications to be produced on a standard desktop PC in Quick Basic,
Turbo C or Microsoft C and then downloaded into FLASH ROM on the
module using the utility programme provided.

These palm sized modules are equipped with Watchdog timer, Real Time
Clock and four serial ports on-board making them ideal for any embedded
control or monitoring application where a powerful and flexible processor
module is required. As standard they  are supplied with 256KB SRAM,
256KB FLASH ROM (512KB optional) and 2KB EEPROM. Versions
with 7 segment display are also available to allow localised monitoring.

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

April 2001
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