Talisman Electronics - PRODUCT NEWS
Support for Measurement Computing Corporation
from Matlab Technical Computing Software
MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox 2 from The MathWorks
provides DAQ Board Support

Talisman Electronics confirms that MATLAB®® software now
supports more than 120 of Measurement Computing Corporation's
data acquisition boards. The Data Acquisition Toolbox 2 from
The MathWorks, Inc., based on the MATLAB technical computing
environment, now allows users to communicate with and control
a wide variety of analogue and digital input/output boards including
bus support for ISA, PCI, PC104, PCM and PPIO.

The combination of the MATLAB Data Acquisition Toolbox 2 and
Measurement Computing's industry standard hardware gives users
control over all aspects of the data acquisition and analysis process
in an efficient technical computing environment. Measurement
Computing's vast selection of low cost data acquisition boards
provides compatible hardware to MATLAB's user community - more
than 500,000 - spread throughout industry, government, and academia.

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

August 2001
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