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8 Extra PCI Slots for PC, MAC or Sun Platforms
Launch of Satellite Series PCI Expansion Chassis

Talisman Electronics announce the release of the new
Satellite series PCI expansion chassis from Measurement
Computing Corporation formerly ComputerBoards Inc.

The Satellite PCI expansion chassis, compatible to a PC, Macintosh
or Sun system, is a rugged all-aluminium portable unit that presents
a compact solution to ever larger computer systems. 

The chassis includes an innovative internal monitoring system that
continually measures power supply voltages, air temperature between
each slot and cooling fan functionality. Software supplied with the
chassis allows users to easily monitor their system. The software
program is accessible through VB/C++ examples and a DLL file. 
"The Satellite series chassis introduces an option to easily extend
computer systems across all PCI based industry platforms.

The Satellite series allows OEMs, VARs and System Integrators to
deliver a complete system without a PC, saving time as well as
potential support headaches. This also saves end-users outsourcing
and equipment costs."

The small, space-efficient Satellite PCI chassis adds eight slots to
any PCI compatible computer and greatly simplifies installation and
removal of boards. The tabletop PCI chassis provides access to system
boards with the removal of two screws, rather than disassembling an
entire system to install a board. This time-efficient approach provides
a quick and easy solution for system reconfigurations. The chassis also
simplifies board connections by offering front-access connections for
field wiring.

Each chassis has a 32 bit and 33MHz embedded industry standard
Intel 21150-AC bridge chip that assures compatibility with virtually
all PCI computers. 
Two Satellite PCI chassis are available: 
STLITE-PCI-8T: Tabletop, 8 slot PCI expansion chassis with
temperature monitoring 
STLITE-PCI-8T: Tabletop, 8 slot PCI expansion chassis 

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

August 2001
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