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New Compact Flash Data Acquisition Card.

Talisman Electronics are pleased to announce their
appointment as a distributor of the Dataq-CF2
Compact Flash data acquisition card from C-Cubed.

This innovative and world leading product will enable Windows
CE based devices to  carry out data acquisition and analysis
tasks and will be of great interest to users who require true
portability in their applications as well as to OEMs.

The Dataq-CF2 brings data acquisition within reach of hand held
computers and PDAs as well as conventional desktop computers
and is an essential tool for any application that requires truly portable
data logging and analysis or instrumentation. Powerful utilities are
included to control the functions of the card and log data  so allowing
many requirements to be realised without the need to carry out any
programming. In the event that applications need to be created
then the included drivers can easily be used to program the card
under Windows CE/95/98/NT/2000/.We would welcome enquiries
from OEMs interested in integrating the Dataq-CF2 into their

Possible application areas include...
* Storage oscilloscope
* Dynamic strain, force, pressure, shock or load recording.
* Vibration monitoring
* Noise metering
* Temperature logging
* Moisture measurement
* Gas and air quality analysis
* Automotive emissions testing
* Portable calibration equipment

Features and Specifications
* Type II Compact Flash card
* 6 software re-configurable data acquisition channels allowing
  various combinations of up to: 
* Four 24 bit analogue inputs
* Two 12 bit analogue outputs
* Four digital I/O channels
* 2 differential or 4 single ended analogue inputs
* Up to 40kHz sampling
* 32kB on board data buffer
* Hardware implemented analogue input trigger functionality
  including pre-trigger
* Fast transfer of recorded data to Excel
* Supplied with Windows CE 3.0 test panel software
* Easy implementation of software
  (configured as a standard COM port)
* 2.5V reference externally available
* Operating voltage of +3.3V or +5V also made available externally
* Low power consumption - 34mA at 5V, 6mA in sleep mode

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

January 2002
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