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Graphical Tool brings Programming to
Talisman Electronics now offer the latest upgrade from
Measurement Computing Corporation of SoftWIRE 2,
a graphical programming add-in for Microsoft Visual
Basic 6.0. SoftWIRE, a technological breakthrough in
programming tools, allows non-programmers to take
advantage of the Visual Basic environment to quickly
create powerful programs.

Designed originally for test and measurement applications such
as data acquisition and control, SoftWIRE can be used in any
application to enhance and simplify Visual Basic programming.
Softwire combines the flexibility of text based programming with
the speed and ease  of use of graphical alternatives - and it
works alongside Visual Basic, the world's most popular
programming language.

It is extremely easy to use: objects representing functions or controls
are connected on the screen with simple drag-and-drop 'wires'
through function and logic blocks. Users can include custom or
legacy Visual Basic routines as blocks within the application.
New SoftWIRE 2 expands existing capabilities to include advanced
database, TCP/IP, arithmetic, financial and analysis functions.

Controls that interface with Microsoft Excel and Access provide
seamless office application integration. With more than 130
SoftWIRE-enabled ActiveX controls, version 2 expands SoftWIRE
beyond measurement and control, into office and Web automation.

This new version of SoftWIRE adds a number of significant new
functions, including options to read and write Excel spreadsheets
and create charts; the ability to build queries, create a database
grid, and read and write from Access, Oracle or SQL databases;
controls for network broadcasters and tuners and a full suit of TCP/IP
communications controls; advanced arithmetic controls that provide
a variety functions including statistical analysis and trigonometry
computations; and serial communications controls to communicate
with serial peripherals of all types.

Test and measurement engineers will be pleased to find that
SoftWIRE 2 enhances its existing graphical interfaces such as
the oscilloscope, strip chart and digital voltmeter, and increases
the functionality of its data acquisition properties. Additionally,
new X10 controls and a periodic light/appliance timer control
easily regulate or automate office and home security systems.

Many of the new controls are purely graphical, in that all properties
and variables are set by modifying and colouring graphical displays.


For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

January 2002
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