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Data Acquisition at a lower cost.

PCI-DAS6025, DAS6034 and DAS6035 Engineers
specifying the widely used National Instruments E Series
of data acquisition boards now have a lower-cost
alternative, with the launch of a functionally equivalent
range from Measurement Computing Corporation
(Formerly ComputerBoards Inc)

The exact equivalents to their NI counterparts in terms of resolution,
sample rate and I/O count, the new boards come with a significant
price advantage. The new boards have even wider software support.
There's a choice of software for professional developers, engineering
developers and non-programming users.

In addition to the option of support for LabView and Matlab, owners
of the new PCI-DAS boards have support for Agilent VEE and the
SoftWire graphical programming system for Windows Visual
Studio.NET and Visual Basic 6.

MCC's Universal Library software option enables interfacing to
control systems written in almost any language or programming

The boards cover 12 and 16 bit measurement resolution across four
input voltage ranges, 10V, 5V, 500mV and 50mV. A 200Ksample/s
sampling rate is offered, with absolute  accuracy as good as 3.10mV
on the 10V range of the PCI-DAS6035 board.  Fully screened
connectors are featured throughout.  Autocalibration is standard.

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

November 2002
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