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PC Adaptor allows Bluetooth communication.

BL-510  RS232 Adaptor allows a personal computer 
with an RS232 port to communicate with other Bluetooth 

It is based on the Cambridge Silicon Radio BC02 chip, allowing
communications at the full Bluetooth data rates. The antenna for
the board is built into the PCB.

Bluetooth Standard:1.1

Operating Systems:Windows XP
                              Windows 2000
                              Windows ME
                              Windows 98 SE
Features:CE Tested
                 FCC Tested
                 Integral Antenna
                 Class 1 Bluetooth device

 Notes:This product connects to the computer via a cable
(supplied). The product also has on board  flash, making
it user upgradeable to the latest  version of the Bluetooth

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

November 2002
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