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Bluetooth Wireless replacement PCB module.

At last it's here! A simple, low cost, plug-in, end-to-end
Bluetooth wireless replacement PCB module and it's
UK manufactured.

The ideal OEM solution - PCB dimensions only 37mm x 27mm 
Place your enabled sensor remotely upto 100 metres without cabling
BlueWAVE "Wireless Cable" Module pair is the easy way to convert
your wired RS232 point-to-point system into a fully functional Bluetooth
wireless system. BlueWAVE requires no software modification and
no hardware modification to your existing system. 
Secure point-to-point connection
BlueWAVE uses a patented solution that provides a secure 
point-to-point connection out of the box. No configuration is 
required. The two units will establish a secure, wireless connection 
when powered up with no external interaction, operating over a range 
of 100 metres (328ft) up to a data rate of 115kbps.

Simple to integrate into existing wired solutions
BlueWAVE is pin compatible with RS232 interface circuitry and 
requires only power and RS232 interface connections to operate
Key Features 
  No re-design required, pin compatible with existing RS232 signals, 
  supporting hardware flow control. 
  Fully transparent data connection 
  Range of 100 metres (328ft) 
  Configurable baud-rates up to 115kbs 
  Bluetooth Version 1.1 compliant, based on qualified CSR 
  Bluecore02 radio 
  Seamless point-point Bluetooth wireless connection 
  Available as PCB units or licensed reference design. 

Typical Example of BlueWAVE RS232 Wireless Cable Application
A handheld data-logging terminal connects to data acquisition 
equipment via RS232 operating at a baud rate of 38.4kbps.
Due to the limitations of the cable the operator must be close
by the equipment at all times. The RS232 cable is removed
and the BlueWAVE Wireless Cable module integrated at both ends.
The result is an instant, secure, wireless connection with minimal
R&D expenditure. 
Also the BlueWAVE RS232 terminal can instantly provide a slave
DCE or master DTE connection  fully supporting the serial port
RS232 Bluetooth DCE Terminal
To accept a connection from Bluetooth devices such as  PC's,
PDA's and USB dongles...
RS232 Bluetooth DTE Terminal
To initiate a connection to Bluetooth devices such as modems or 
cell phones...

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

November 2002
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