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BlueMod™, a Bluetooth product for OEMs.

BlueMod™ is a pre-qualified Bluetooth product for OEMs
and a rapid Bluetooth prototyping platform for system
integrators and application developers.

It features multiple connectivity accessories and a powerful
32 bit onboard RISC microprocessor running the Widcomm
Bluetooth™ host side stack and profiles.

BlueMod™ is the only pre-qualified single board computer.
By selecting BlueMod™, designers will benefit from a fully
extensible platform, reduced time to market, decreased
project risks and reduced manufacturing costs. BlueMod™
can be deployed as an embedded platform for practical
applications such as remote control, cable replacement,
gateways and telematics applications.

BlueMod™ is also available as a starter kit for initial application
development and includes:
* BlueMod™ single board computer
* Ethernet accessory
* USB lead and serial adapter
* Widcomm Bluetooth™ software for Windows and either: 
* Bluetooth™ USB dongle for PCs or
* Bluetooth™ compact flash card for PDAs
* Power supply (AC/DC plug pack)
* Source code for µC Linux operating system
* Bluetooth™ stack and profiles
* GNU tools and drivers
* Manuals, technical support and BlueMod™ developer form
BlueMod™ Benefits
* Cost effective deployment platform for Bluetooth™ solutions
* Accelerated development environment for intelligent wireless applications
* BlueMod™ API interface for application software compatibility
* Low cost for volume manufacturing and deployments

* Bluetooth™ V1.1 Class 1 Radio
* USB1.1 interface
* High speed RS232 UART
* Hardware expansion interface
* Bluetooth™ protocol stack with source code
* µC Linux V2.4
* BlueMod™ API
* Small size, only 70x54x12mm
* Java Virtual Machine

For more information, please contact :-
Talisman Electronics
Email: sales@talisman-uk.com

December 2002
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