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Low Cost Press-Process Monitoring Systems.

tecsis GmbH builds "custom made"- force transducer
+ indicator systems to monitor and optimize production
and assembly processes.

Monitoring The press force is recorded together with the process-time. If the force does not reach a predefined level after a certain time the process is marked not OK and the part is rejected. More sophisticated versions of press controls are able to read other sensors (e.g. distance or angle) to make sure the process completed with no reasons of objection. Legislation on the subject of liability and warranty and the ISO9000:2000 demand complete quality assurance and focus more than before on the production process itself. Additional value In addition to the process monitoring these systems are used for process analysis. The evaluation of the measured data is giving valuable information on the process-reliability and makes it easy to define service cycles of the manufacturing machines/tools. The systems are suitable for :
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December 2002
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