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  Talk to your Oscilloscope
Tektronix has introduced an innovative software package that provides design engineers and technicians with a voice-controlled, multi-lingual user interface for its TDS Series of oscilloscopes. With the advent of VocalLinkTM software, Tektronix delivers simplified operation of the oscilloscope to aid users dealing with complex probing situations The new software from Tektronix is designed to help users by keeping them focused on the important task of actually making the measurement. For example, when making critical measurements, an engineer's full attention needs to be focussed on what is actually being measured. Sometimes the user needs both hands to hold the probes or manipulate the device under test. A simple distraction such as adjusting oscilloscope settings or looking away from the device to check an on-screen reading may mean the difference between success and failure. A similar situation occurs when critical measurements have to be made on closely spaced, fine-pitched parts while the user is holding two or more probes. Just when everything is positioned correctly, an oscilloscope setting may need changing, with the result that the probes have to be repositioned all over again. On other occasions, the user may just want to be able to control the oscilloscope while concentrating on the measurement results without distraction. Voice control software All these situations and more can be tackled using the VocalLink voice control software. VocalLink allows full control of measurements with simple, spoken commands. It also completes the link by providing audible feedback of commands, confirming they have been implemented as spoken. In addition, audible results of measurements are provided without the user having to look at the display or push any buttons. Set-up is simple and easy. This software is compatible with a wide variety of Tektronix oscilloscopes. With the recently introduced TDS7000 Series of Digital Phosphor Oscilloscopes, the VocalLink software can be installed directly from the oscilloscope's CDROM; then the user only has to plug in the headset, and voice-controlled measurements can be started in a matter of minutes. For use with other compatible Tektronix oscilloscopes (TDS500/ 600/700 Series and TDS3000 Series), a computer-to-oscilloscope control link must first be established prior to installing the software. To operate the software, the user first speaks a simple phrase into the microphone (as prompted on the oscilloscope screen), allowing the VocalLink software to set the correct voice level. The VocalLink software will then recognise and immediately implement over 60 standard oscilloscope commands. This enables most common oscilloscope measurements to be made on spoken command. The recognition capability of VocalLink software is very robust. After the one-phrase voice-level setup, the measurement system can be controlled with ease and clarity - even in noisy environments such as the manufacturing floor or in close proximity to process equipment. VocalLink software can accommodate multiple users, often without any adjustment. It easily accommodates variations in tonal inflections, enunciation and accent of the user. And, since audible feedback is provided, the user can be sure a command has been correctly received and implemented.
Languages VocalLink is also multi-linguistic. Multiple languages can beloaded at initial set-up, with switching between available languages being carried out by a simple menu selection. If an additional language is needed at a later stage, the software set-up can be updated from the CD-ROM. The software supports nine spoken languages - English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Castilian Spanish and Mandarin Chinese (with on-screen menus available in both simplified and traditional Chinese character sets). All feedback is provided in the selected language - both audible feedback and on-screen displays - and all the software features are available in the selected language. Macro capabilities A macro facility is available which allows complex measurement sequences to be recorded so that they can be implemented with a single voice command. Macros can contain just a few simple steps to help make routine, repetitive measurements with ease, or they can consist of many detailed steps to ensure that the correct sequence is followed when making complex measurements. They are equally suited to 'one of a kind' repetitive tests or complex test routines (e.g. pass/fail scenarios) for a manufacturing test line. Conclusion VocalLink voice control software can change the way oscilloscope measurements are made. Users no longer need to keep one hand free to change oscilloscope settings, or continuously look away from the focus of the measurement to get the results. Whether engineers are working with semiconductors, computers, communications or other applications, Tektronix oscilloscopes are available for every development, testing or debugging need. Now, with VocalLink software, the measurement task has become significantly easier. _______________________________________________ For further information, contact:- Tektronix Tel: +44(0) 1344 392 000 November 2000