The NEW Testo 845 Infrared Thermometer offers a unique innovation in the world of infrared temperature measurement – the ability to ‘switch’ between close focus and far distance optics.

By moving a simple slide switch the Testo 845 can be used to measure:

- Far distances: the Testo 845 is equipped with 75:1 optics for measurements at distance. The thermometer marks the object to be measured with a laser cross to ensure that the actual position and diameter of the measurement point are identifiable during the measurement.

- Close focus: the Testo 845 features a 2 point laser to mark the measurement point exactly. At very close range the instrument can take accurate measurements of very small objects – at a distance of 70mm the Testo 845 measures a spot of just 1mm diameter.

In addition the Testo 845 offers a host of useful features:

- Broad measuring range – from -35 to +950°C

- Reference class accuracy, up to ±0.75°C

- Online measurement & Documentation via USB and Testo software

- Ultra-fast measurement rate, scanning 100ms

- Onsite printing to an optional infrared printer

- Input for thermocouple probes for contact temperature measurements

- The degree of emission is freely adjustable from 0.1 to 1.0

- Simple operation and a clear backlit display showing measured temperature, minimum / maximum values (freely selectable) and the degree of emission.

By being able to take both close focus and far distance temperature measurements, the Testo 845 can be used to perform measuring tasks that would have previously taken 2 instruments. With its groundbreaking technology the Testo 845 offers “2 instruments in one”, therefore offering significant costs savings.

February 2006

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