Manage capacity and reduce compressed air costs

with the new Testo 6440 Compressed Air Counter.
Compressed air is a costly resource. If an organisation has no
knowledge of compressed air consumption by department,
process or machine it can make cost allocation difficult and
does not motivate the organisation to look at methods to
reduce leakage or consumption. The new Testo 6440 is a
compressed air counter that enables organisations to accurately
monitor compressed air usage to assist in managing costs and
plan resource allocation.
Superior design for accurate measurements
The Testo 6440 measures mass flow to guarantee correct
measurements and is unaffected by the effect of fluctuating
pressure conditions and temperatures.  In four diameter sizes,
the Testo 6440 offers a compact design coupled with integrated
high-performance technology, which provides all necessary
signal outputs. The built-in inflow and outflow pipes guarantee
optimum accuracy and the thermal glass coated ceramic sensor
offers robustness and fast reaction times.
Lowering costs by consumer allocation
The Testo 6440 can be used to measure the consumption of
compressed air by individual department, process or machine.
When compressed air consumption of each system is recorded
individually in this way, the person responsible for the system is
motivated to reduce leakage and to employ consumption-saving
measures. The Testo 6440 provides optimal support here, with
a built-in totaliser function. The total consumption can be read
directly from the instrument or registered in the regulating system
via consumption impulses. Consumption-dependent switch outputs
are alternatively also available, which can monitor maximum
consumption either time-dependently or time-independently.
Peak load management helps to avoid extended investments
Growth can be expensive, forcing industrial enterprises to also
expand their compressed air production. Peak load analysis on
the basis of compressed air counters can help to avoid such
investments. By knowing when consumption occurs, the existing
and planned consumption can be distributed over a daily / weekly
profile so that the existing capacity of compressed air production
is sufficient. The result is considerable savings in the compressors
as well as in the pipe system.
Manage compressed air supply to ensure product quality
and protect equipment
It may be necessary for a continuous minimum or maximum
compressed air supply to be maintained in order to ensure product
quality or protect equipment. The Testo 6440 performs both
monitoring tasks effectively thanks to its two switch outputs,
ensuring the continuous protection of your investment.

June 2006

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