Humidity Measurement in Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Atmospheres.

The use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a sterilising agent in healthcare and production processes is extremely important to health and safety and has been growing in recent years due to its success. It is critically important that humidity levels and temperature are controlled for optimum performance and the Testo hygrotest 650 is the most technically developed means.

The Testo hygrotest 650, with its ground breaking patented filter, converts H2O2 vapour into water vapour and oxygen. This unique measuring method enables humidity levels to be accurately monitored throughout the various phases of the H2O2 sterilisation cycle without risk to the sensor. With its fast response time and analogue or digital outputs, the Testo hygrotest 650 may be used in a wide range of monitoring, recording and controlling applications during H2O2 sterilisation applications. This new, patented technology by Testo is unique to the market.

Furthermore the Testo hygrotest 650 humidity transmitter is available with a display option that is able to calculate and display the so-called mixture dew point which predominates in the H2O2 atmosphere. Consequently the humidity can be recorded and controlled during the H2O2 phases as well via a third analogue output without undesirable H2O2 condensate to developing.

The use of hydrogen peroxide as a sterilising agent is commonly used in the following applications:

Sterile bottling plants (beverages and pharmaceuticals)

Clean rooms

Biological safety cabins

Glove boxes

Operating rooms


Biosafety laboratories

August 2006

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