Leading the way with Testo Saveris
Continuous data monitoring for temperature and humidity

Testo Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of the Saveris data monitoring system, a data logging system which continuously monitors temperature and humidity accurately and reliably. The easy-to-use system automatically measures, documents and issues alarms whenever limit values are exceeded.

Testo Saveris is ideal for:

Recording quality data in production and storage environments
Continuous monitoring of climate in industrial plants and facility maintenance
Quality assurance in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
Ensuring ambient conditions are maintained in buildings such as hospitals and museums
Research and development laboratories

Testo Managing Director Tom Tonkins describes the value of the system in production, storage and facilities maintenance; "Testo Saveris offers an extensive range of radio and Ethernet probes making it a truly flexible temperature and humidity monitoring solution for a wide range of applications. The Saveris software is easy to set up and use and stores data centrally, providing traceability of important quality data."

The heart of Testo Saveris is the Base Unit, which has the ability to store 40,000 readings per measurement channel, the equivalent to around one year of memory capacity at a rate of 15 minutes. Unlike previously available monitoring systems, a PC is not required to be continuously connected to Testo Saveris as the Base Unit has the ability to record and document measurements.

Testo Saveris can incorporate data from up to 150 radio and Ethernet probes or 254 measurement channels, making it a truly flexible system. A benefit of the new measuring system is the Saveris radio probe, which removes the need for complex cable routing and which can be used in conjuction with Ethernet probes in one system. During a monitoring cycle, the probes save their measurement data and send it to the central Base Unit at regular intervals. If a limit value is exceeded, a radio link is established immediately. The bidirectional transmission ensures that the measurement data is only recorded by the Base Unit and not interfered with by other radio systems. An alarm sounds in the event that the radio link is interrupted by obstacles. The memory in the probe ensures that the measurement data is not lost in the event of interference to the radio link.

The Saveris software is available in two versions; the basic version SBE (Small Business Edition) and PROF (Professional). Features include diagrams, alarm overview, PDF reports, calendar management and the transmission of alarms via e-mail, SMS or pop-up.
Full details on Testo Saveris can be found on our interactive microsite www.testo.co.uk/saveris

June 2008

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