Testo 880-1 now offers the highest specification available in its price range

Testo has added additional features to its Testo 880 range of infrared thermal imagers. The Testo 880-1 now offers an integrated digital camera and at a price of just £3,549 it is now the highest specification thermal imager available within this price range.

In addition, all 3 models in the range now offer the following new features;

Auto Hot/Cold Spot Recognition
Automatic Hot/Cold Spot Recognition immediately highlights hot and cold spots in the IR image directly in the display, making on site diagnoses quick and simple.

Pro Software with report templates
The new Pro Software facilitates comprehensive analysis and evaluation of thermograms. Several parallel infrared images can be processed, analysed and documented in a thermography report together with their respective real images. In order to achieve precise analysis results, it is possible to correct the thermal image according to the different emissivities of the various materials by area, right up to individual pixels. Multi-page reports can be created quickly and easily and layout templates for reports are provided, including specifically for building surveys to DIN EN 13187.

Testo 880 thermal imagers are supplied with both a wide-angle and an optional telephoto lens to allow adaptation to different sizes and distances of measurement objects, and offer exceptional thermal sensitivity (NETD) of <0.1°C at 30°C.

Testo 880 thermal imagers are being used in many industries including building surveys and maintenance, electrical inspections, production monitoring and mechanical maintenance.

Testo Product Manager Andy McGrath explains “We have developed a sophisticated, competitively priced product aimed at improving the monitoring and maintenance of plant and equipment. The addition of a digital camera in the Testo 880-1 is a significant innovation – no-one else offers a thermal imager to this specification with an integrated digital camera at this price.”

October 2008

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