Ideal for applications in pharmaceutical, chemical and process technology.

Testo, one of the leading worldwide suppliers of humidity measurement technology, now offers a humidity transmitter for hazardous areas. The new Testo 6682 humidity transmitter for Ex applications meets the most stringent requirements for process monitoring in industries including pharmaceutical, chemical and process technology. The Testo 6682 humidity transmitter is intended for protection class ATEX II 2 (1) G Ex ia [ia] IIC T4, the digital testo 6616 humidity probe for protection class ATEX II 1/2 G Ex ia IIC T4/T3.

Transmitter fulfils the toughest requirements
The properties of the Testo 6682 transmitter guarantee high process security and system availability. Thanks to Testo’s own worldwide patented humidity sensor, the transmitter achieves an accuracy of ± 1%RH. Preventive maintenance is made possible by self-monitoring and the early warning system, and historical traceability is no problem thanks to the internal log book. In addition, the Testo 6682 has a flexible calibration concept, a display and an operating menu for easy parameterisation, adjustment and analysis.

Traceability with the exchangeable Testo 6616 probe
The Testo 6616 humidity probe can be easily replaced by hand and adjustment and calibration data remain saved in the probe. In order to be able to trace the probe’s duration of use and the adjustments carried out, the Testo 6616 has its own serial number, operational hours counter and an internal log. This data is viewable on the Testo 6682 transmitter’s operating menu.

March 2009

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