Keeping an eye on important ambient conditions

The new temperature and humidity measuring instruments Testo 622 and Testo 623 provide a fast overview of humidity, temperature and pressure, at a glance.

Designed to deliver ambient climate data, time and date instantaneously, the new temperature and humidity measuring instruments are vital for fast accurate measurement.

The new Testo 623 temperature and humidity measuring instrument, with its history function, is a valuable instrument, as thorough analysis of crucial time periods can be undertaken. It is Ideal for facilities and estates managers, museums, offices and warehouses.

“Did the temperature or the humidity during the night vary, having an effect on working conditions?” Questions like these can be answered quickly with the help of the instrument. The Testo 623 shows current and past measurement values in a large, very easy-to-read display. The user can view either the humidity or the temperature values of the past days in the histogram, displaying the measurement values for the past hour, 2 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours or 12 days. In total, the Testo 623 stores the data from the past twelve weeks!

Precision humidity, temperature and pressure measurement

In addition to temperature and humidity, the Testo 622 also measures pressure, and is of particular interest for applications in laboratories. In the large, easy-to-read display, it shows the current measurement values as well as date and time. It provides all important values for protocols at a glance. A reminder function informs the user when the next calibration is due. With the help of the optional calibration and adjustment software from Testo, the user can carry out the calibration and the adjustment directly on site.

February 2010

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