Opportunity Not To Be Missed…

Price reductions have been made on all Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser Kits including the new CPA1 Kit!

CPA1 (Combustion Performance Assessment) is a gas safety initiative aimed at improving the competent use of Flue Gas Analysers. The CPA1 course will assess the knowledge and ability of gas operatives’ use of a flue gas analyser when servicing/installing domestic gas appliances. From April 2010 the scheme moved from voluntary status to a legal requirement. Testo have recently launched a range of products to help gas installers to meet this requirement:

The new Testo 327 CPA1 kit includes the Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser, all required probes and hoses, a gas pressure controller, gas leak detector and Flue Gas Analyser Training DVD. Recently reduced, prices now start from just £649!

The award winning training DVD “Portable Flue Gas Analysers - a Practical Guide for Users” contains vital information for students taking a CPA1 course. It contains interactive content to check theoretical knowledge and video demonstrations, showing test procedures to BS7967.

Price Reductions on Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser Kits!

Our Testo 327 Flue Gas Analyser, with a 3 year no catch warranty, now starts from just £499. Don’t forget, we also offer service and calibration with pick up and return service in a guaranteed turnaround time, saving you time and money in the future.

Call our Technical Sales Team on 01420 544 433 to find out more. Alternatively, email info@testo.co.uk or visit www.testodirect.co.uk to buy online and save 10% for a limited time only!

September 2010

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