New generation of Testo data loggers

With professional logger software for different application areas

The measurement data specialist Testo has launched a new generation of data loggers, notable thanks to exceptional user-friendliness and absolute security, thanks to password protection and anti-theft locks. With the new range of 13 data loggers, Testo offers the right solution for numerous applications. The range consists of the Testo 174 mini loggers, Testo 175 compact loggers and Testo 176 advanced loggers.

The testo 175 series consists of four compact data loggers for the measurement of temperature and humidity. The Testo 176 series contains seven data loggers which are especially suited to applications in demanding surroundings, such as in laboratories. An innovation in this series is the Testo 176 P1, with which absolute pressure can be measured and documented, in addition to temperature and humidity.

All new data loggers from the series Testo 175 and Testo 176 have a USB and an SD interface, making readout of the data fast and easy. The considerably higher memory capacity and the power supply using conventional batteries are further plus points of the new products. The one-button menu structure allows users very easy and intuitive operation.

Three software versions for programming and reading out the data loggers, as well as for analysis, are available to the user. In addition to the new Testo ComSoft Basic 5, which is easy to operate thanks to a graphic user interface, Testo offers software each specifically for the pharmaceutical sector and for demanding users.

The new generation of Testo data loggers is suitable for the professional monitoring of temperature, humidity and absolute pressure in various areas of application including; uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain, temperature recording in laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as measurements in industrial processes.

June 2011

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