Matthews Quality Meats based in Rochdale and founded in 1989 is a proud independent company with a deep pedigree of tradtional butchers' training and supplying the best meat and poultry products to a wide demanding audience.

Nothing stays still however, and certain criteria have become increasingly important in this sector which equates to MD Karl Matthews investing in the Testo Saveris technology which is an easy to install radio and Ethernet, wireless data monitoring system where temperature and humidity need to be measured constantly. The perceived effect and placement of this system has underwritten Matthews accreditation to both the crucial European health requirement of EFSIS as well as the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety.

Given Matthews wide expertise focused on minced and diced beef, pork, lamb and poultry and their varied customer base including Government premises, county councils, schools, fast food wholesalers and retailers it is absolutely vital to ensure constant checks and environment controls throughout the busy operation. The versatility and durable design of the Testo Saveris system is tangibly shown by the placement of the neat wall mounted probes in distinct areas such as the Tempering, Chiller, Freezer, Chill Store, Boning and Production Rooms - backed by a core ISO calibrated probe and the base unit and specialist user-friendly software.

Karl Matthews is very impressed and pleased with his acquisition "It's a very good system which works well and gives us peace of mind that all is well all of the time. It is particulary important to us as regards the confidence and trust it inspires with visiting customers and inspectors alike. We have no doubts about ever presenting our premises and the Testo system is a vital part of our presentation format and the business progress".

October 2011

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