The NFFF training school has recently started using the Testo 270 Cooking Oil Tester in training courses for fish and chip shops and franchise start-ups. The unique technology allows users to accurately determine the optimum time to change cooking oil by quickly and easily measuring Total Polar Materials (TPM). An accurate TPM measurement means that oil can be used until the legal or individually set guideline value is reached.

Testo Product Manager Warren Mansfield-Smith carried out a demonstration to the NFFF tutors, explaining how to use the Testo 270, and how it could benefit tutors in their businesses. The demonstration was a great success, and the trainers found it informative and useful.

Andrew Crook, NFFF Executive Councillor and Owner of Skippers Fish Bar explains:
"The Testo 270 cooking oil tester is a great piece of kit for ensuring that your frying oil is always in the best condition. For a consistent and quality product the tester gives you a quick and simple reading that will help you to maintain a high standard in your shop. The NFFF encourages all fish friers to constantly monitor the quality of frying oil and this tester can help you ensure that the product is always fried in the healthiest oil and also give you a clear indication of how often you need to refresh your oil resulting in less wastage."

Ensuring consistency and quality is particularly important in today's tough and competitive business environment. Testo are keen to keep the market informed about how their products can assist businesses overcome these daily challenges.

Warren explains "It's always a stimulating challenge bringing something new to an industry which has been going for 150 years, and where an individual has over 40 years experience, asking them to use technology rather than skill can risk causing offence. Saying that, it was reassuring to get feedback from the tutors at the NFFF that they could see the benefits of using an oil tester, especially from an oil optimisation point of view. We demonstrated that adding just a small amount of fresh oil to the range will bring down the TPM value and therefore you can pinpoint exactly how much oil you need to get to the optimum frying range of 10%-18% TPM, rather than relying on judgement alone. Procedures and routines for changing or refreshing oil vary greatly from one shop to another, depending on footfall, frying medium and even opening hours. With oil costs already high and set to increase, the oil tester really will help optimise oil consumption and ensure your product is cooked to the highest quality."

The Testo 270 offers a measuring range from 0.5 to 40%TPM with an accuracy of +40 to +190 °C; alarm function with 3 colour LED's; BS EN ISO 8420:2002 compliance with dishwasher proof TopSafe case; back to back testing; calibration adjustment facility; and long battery life of 30 hours; Supplied within an aluminium case.

October 2011

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