Wycombe District Council are a true testament to the multiple benefits and the overall quality of the Testo 875 Thermal Imaging Camera.

The newly acquired camera allows the Council to be pro-active and totally efficient across all aspects of buildings and domestic housings management by means of identifying and preventing any serious problems or anomalies before they can cause damage, resulting in high costs.

The robust, quality, hand-held camera is light and easy to use and incorporates 160 x 120 pixel detection,a wide field of view 32º lens with an integrated digital camera, 2GB storage and 4 hour lithium battery operating life - all of which comes in a strong carrying case including mains charger, SD card, IR software, USB cable and tripod mount if needed.

Graham Weston, Energy Manager at Wycombe District Council, notes three separate core areas where the Testo thermal imaging camera is especially effective - the Facilities Team for example use it to check electrical distributor board overloads, motors and pumps in the plant rooms; the Environmental Health Team uses it to locate damp and condensation in council properties; and the Projects Department can test the insulation and cavity walls in private housing. On using the Testo thermal imaging camera, Graham observes: "We took great care in choosing from the products on the market that best suited our needs, and the technology certainly offers rapid payback in every respect - as a notable example we recently had a situation whereby we were able to identify an electrical problem at a leisure centre which could have had major consequences for the Council. I've also been very impressed by the in-house training session provided by Testo to 10 of our staff to ensure total understanding and this means that there is a large core of confident personnel equipped to handle the system".

November 2011

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