Thames Side Sensors Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Load Cells set for hard task at concrete plant. When an OEM manufacturer required high accuracy load cells for a concrete batching plant, the company turned to Thames Side Sensors. Steelfields of Gillingham supplied a batching plant to a concrete facility in Abu Dhabi, where recent regulations on concrete mix require all materials to be weighed to an accuracy of within ±1%. Thames Side-Maywood were able to meet this with their T90 load cell. Steelfields design and manufacture an extensive range of batching plant, and export to over 40 countries worldwide. The load cells are incorporated in all weigh operations at the new plant. They weigh out the aggregate, the sand and stone, and cement and powders from their respective hoppers. These are then fed into a 3m3 pan mixer. With the T90 load cells the plant is able to produce 120m3 per hour of quality concrete, an unusually high output for such accuracy. The T90 is a folded shear beam load cell designed for hopper, tank, and vessel weighing. It is available in a comprehensive range of capacities, from 500kg to 7500kg, in one body size. It features a unique folded shear beam design and is manufactured from high quality, corrosion resistant, tool steel, sealed to IP67. It has an operating temperature of -40°C to 80°C, and a combined error of less than ±0.05% with respect to rated output. __________________________________________________ March 2003
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