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Patented Mount tackles tension. An innovative new type of loading assembly for weighing suspended loads has been developed to allow simple, fast installation and removal of the load cell without any specialist tools or equipment. Developed by Thames Side Sensors, the TensionMount™ loading assembly has a patented design which enables the weight to be shifted between the load cell and the mount, allowing easy maintenance. The TensionMount™ loading assembly can be installed in the load path prior to fitment of the load cell, reducing the possibility of damage during mechanical installation or commissioning. The simple removal of one bolt frees a side lever. Turning the lever through 180 degrees allows the load cell to be installed by hand, and reversing the process transfers the load to the load cell. Installation and removal can be carried out regardless of whether the mount is under load or not, resulting in significant downtime savings. TensionMount™ is supplied as a complete assembly with its own load cell in capacities from 500kg to 2,000kg. To ensure durability in wash down areas and other harsh environments, the TensionMount™ loading assembly is cast in stainless steel with an OIML approved fully-welded, stainless steel load cell sealed to IP68. The construction of the mount also provides a safety restraint in the event of a mechanical failure to the load cell, eliminating the need for a separate support strap. The TensionMount™ loading assembly is targeted at applications in industries where high standards of hygiene and resistance to corrosive agents are of paramount importance. The design principles of this latest addition to Thames Side Sensors’s range of specialist loading assemblies have been developed directly from the widely acclaimed LeverMount™ loading assembly. It has proven to be highly successful, with hundreds of units in service worldwide since its launch in July 2001. __________________________________________________ July 2003
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