Thames Side Sensors Ltd. - PRODUCT NEWS

Thames Side Sensors central to vehicle weighing. In a close working relationship developed over eighteen years, Thames Side Sensors has provided Central Weighing with a range of bespoke load cell solutions which are incorporated into the company's vehicle weighing systems. Thames Side Sensors has supplied over 10,000 load cells to Central Weighing which have enabled the company to keep at the forefront of axle weighing technology. Central Weighing is one of the world's largest manufacturers of specialist truck weigh-in-motion systems, used for law enforcement and fleet management applications. The company's Supaweigh dynamic "In Motion" axle weighbridge incorporates four 10,000kg stainless steel, fully welded T95 load cells. These are fitted into a unique tension loading assembly, developed by Thames Side-Maywood in conjunction with Central Weighing, which gives optimum weighing results under harsh conditions. The fully welded version of the T95 is manufactured from 17/4 PH stainless steel and is hermetically sealed to IP68. The unique design of the load cell allows the loading assembly to be used in compression whilst keeping the load cell itself in tension, ensuring that weighing accuracy and reliability are maintained at all times, even when the assembly is subject to considerable movement or misalignment. The Supaweigh axle weighbridge enables all types of vehicles to be weighed quickly and accurately. The Supaweigh system was the first to gain both EU O.I.M.L. and UK approvals for Trade Use setting the standard for weigh-in-motion systems worldwide. In a recent export contract Central Weighing supplied over twenty systems to Syria for law enforcement, to prevent overloading of the country's roads. __________________________________________________ October 2003
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