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Accurate High Capacity Weighing in harsh conditions. Thames Side’s ultra-high capacity compression load cell assembly for tank, silo and vessel weighing, the T30LA, is now available in a comprehensive range of capacities up to 600 tonnes. It features integral lift-off prevention, and can readily accommodate misalignment and movement, ensuring consistent, accurate results in the most arduous of tank and silo weighing applications. The T30 load cell is available in capacities of 100, 200, 300 and 600 tonnes. It is an alloy steel, zinc plated, compression load cell which is supplied with a complete locked assembly ready to install. The design of the load cell and assembly removes most of the traditional problems encountered by engineers installing high capacity weighing systems. The special mounting plates readily accommodate steelwork misalignment and also movement due to thermal expansion and contraction. In addition, the integral lift-off protection means that the assembly can be used in exposed installations that are subject to strong winds. The T30LA is also highly resilient in harsh conditions. The load cell is construction sealed to IP67 and the assembly has a toughened ‘autophoretic’ surface coating. The coating is extremely hard and corrosion-resistant, yet ductile enough that it will not crack or flake under heavy loads or stresses. __________________________________________________ February 2004
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