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Scanning Thermocouple Monitor has 16 channels

The SR 630, now available in the UK from TTi
(Thurlby Thandar Instruments), is a 16-channel thermocouple
monitor designed to read, scan, print and log temperatures
or voltages.

For temperature measurements, one of seven standard thermocouples
(B, E, J, K, R, S or T type) may be used to read temperatures between
-200°C and +1700°C. For many applications, type K thermocouples
(Chromel/Alumel) offer a wide temperature range (-200°C to +1250°C)
with a low standard error and good corrosion resistance. Welded
K-type thermocouples with either Teflon or high-temperature glass
insulators are available from TTi as an optional extra.

Temperature readings from the SR 630 can be viewed on the
front-panel display or downloaded via standard RS-232 and
GPIB interfaces. Convenient hard-copy output in either tabular
or strip-chart format is available via the standard Centronics
printer port.

Temperature measurements can be made up to 12 times per
second, with values reported in degrees Fahrenheit, Celsius or
Kelvin. Programmable, audible alarm limits can be set for each
channel. A back-panel relay output is available to provide
shutdown capability when the limit conditions are exceeded.

The SR 630 can also be configured as a 16-channel DC voltmeter
with full-scale ranges from 30 mV (l µV resolution) to 100 V.
As a voltmeter, the unit has 0.05% accuracy and l µV input offset
drift. For increased flexibility, each channel can be set independently
to monitor either temperature or voltage.

Four rear-panel outputs are also available to provide a voltage
proportional to the temperature of the first four input channels.
The voltage outputs can be used to drive recorders or to control
external instrumentation.

An internal battery-backed clock/calendar is used to time-stamp
temperature readings. The SR 630 can be set to scan, time-stamp
and record up to 16 channels at intervals from l0 s to 9999 s.
Data is either sent immediately to the printer, or may be stored
in the internal 2000-point buffer memory for output at a later time
via RS-232 or GPIB.

The SR 630 costs £1415.00 (plus VAT).

For further information, contact:-

Thurlby Thandar Instruments
2 Glebe Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE18 7DX. UK
Tel:    +44(0) 1480 412451

November 2000