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 Arbitrary Waveform Generators
 have up to four channels.
The TGA1240 Series, new from TTi (Thurlby Thandar Instruments), is a range of arbitrary waveform generators comprising one-, two- and four-channel instruments. The multi-channel versions are capable of generating two or four waveforms, which can be either fully independent or linked using simple or complex relationships. They can provide full inter-channel triggering, summing and phase control. Any number of channels can be phase-locked with user-defined phase angles. This technique can be used to generate multi-phase waveforms or locked waveforms of different frequencies. Two generators can be locked together where more than four channels are required. The TGA1240 series uses a true variable-clock architecture with a maximum clock rate of 40 MHz. It can also operate in direct digital synthesis (DDS) mode. It can generate signals within the frequency range 0.001 Hz to 16 MHz. Arbitrary waveforms may be defined with 12-bit vertical resolution and from 4 to 65536 horizontal points. In addition, a number of standard waveforms are available, including sine, square, triangle, ramp and pulse. Waveforms may be replayed at a user specified waveform frequency or period, or the sample rate may be defined. The total amount of non-volatile waveform store is 256K words. Up to 100 waveforms may be stored, with the length and name specified by the user. All waveforms can be swept over their full frequency range at a variable rate. Amplitude modulation and signal summing are available for all waveforms, and are controlled from the previous channel or from an external generator. Extensive waveform editing features between defined start and end points are incorporated, including waveform insert, point edit, line draw, amplitude adjust and invert. The TGA1240 series uses an 80-character backlit LCD display with soft keys. All parameters can be entered directly from the numeric keypad, or can be incremented and decremented using the rotary control. RS-232 and GPIB interfaces are fitted as standard, and can be used for remote control of all of the instrument functions or for the downloading of arbitrary waveforms. Prices for the TGA1240 Series range from £1095 up to £2995 (plus VAT). _______________________________________________ For further information, contact:- Thurlby Thandar Instruments 2 Glebe Road, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE18 7DX England Tel: +44(0) 1480 412451 Web: December 2000