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Instant Flow Visibility.

The SFI Sight Flow Indicator from Titan is a simple, cost effective visual indicator of liquid flow. Typically used in coolant circuits, test rigs and pumping skids, the indicator gives the operator immediate visual confirmation of flow, or lack of flow, in the line.

The Titan SFI uses a freely rotating paddle type spinner, mounted on a stainless steel spindle. Rotation of the paddle is visible through a pair of polysulphone windows: the unit can be oriented to allow the window to be visible from the most suitable angle. Suitable for flow rate indication from 0.1 to 30L/min, 10bar pressure and 100C, the SFI Type 199 has a stainless steel body and ¼, ½ or 3/4inch BSPP connections as standard. Variable sized jets are fitted within the unit to adjust the operating flow range and pressure drop (0.01 – 0.8bar) to suit the application.

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January 2009

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