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Low cost plastic flowmeter is accurate.

The Titan 800 Series turbine flowmeters are really low cost, non-metallic meters, ideal for measuring aggressive chemicals, including ultra-pure water.

The standard connections will accept 8mm or 12mm hose sizes, and the electronic output from a Hall effect sensor gives NPN or PNP pulses for a remote counter, offering 0.1% repeatability over a flow range of 30:1.

With a PVDF plastic construction the standard unit operates to 60C and 10 bar, and two built-in LEDs indicate power and the output pulse rate. A direct flow switch output is available, for low flow or cooling flow failure alarms, as are units suitable for high temperature 125C operation.

With the optional 6 point water calibration, the Titan 800 series offers 1-2% flow accuracy: the flow ranges available cover from 0.05 – 15 Litres/min.

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Titan Enterprises

March 2009

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