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Compact pressure transmitters

With the new, compact pressure transmitters having a wrench size of 19mm, Trafag introduces a modular series allowing you to select the pressure transmitter optimally suited for your application meeting your requirements for media temperature, EMC, vibration resistance and accuracy.

The transmitter is designed without unnecessary and price-relevant features allowing you to select a unit at its best price/performance ratio and, owing to its compact dimensions, lends itself for installation in a restricted space. In addition due to its long-term stability and its reliability the unit is maintenance free.

SENSOR TECHNOLOGY - Extremely rugged thin film on steel sensor technology not requiring 0-rings and having a high pressure peak and overpressure resistance.
CUSTOMIZATION - Trafag is in a position to quickly adapt standard units to customer specific requirements.

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Trafag (UK) Limited
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January 2008

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