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Meet the LEPs’ – Advanced Engineering initiatives via newly formed LEPs under the spotlight

As successors to the former UK regional development agencies, a selective profile of newly formed Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) will take centre stage at this year’s Advanced Engineering UK group of events. The presentations programme is specifically designed to showcase and contrast the range of initiatives that are now being rolled out by these similarly mandated, newly formed, more locally focused organisations, in support of specific advanced engineering and high value manufacturing and technology activity streams. With 39 LEPs already active across the UK, these are increasingly important facilitators of economic regional growth and development at sub-national level; they are also connectivity hubs between OEMs, local and national government, and diverse SME groups.

Organisers of the 2012 Advanced Engineering UK group of events are inviting a selection of these newly formed LEPs to showcase their current programmes and philosophy for specifically supporting and capitalising on the advanced engineering and high value manufacturing sector. Through a scheduled programme of daily free to attend open presentations, UK and international attendees will have the chance to learn what positive action streams are currently unfolding and in preparation, and what this means in practical terms to stakeholder groups involved in the advanced engineering sector. Specific invited areas of coverage include:

* LEP Initiatives for inward and outward investment into and from this sector;

* Specialist hubs and incubators for subgroups;

* Partnerships and support from regional OEMs and Tier 1s;

* LEP Skills development programmes;

* Education and support on SME finance;

* Links and Partnerships with regional educational, academic and R&D institutions;

* Process improvement initiatives – collaboration with bodies such as the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS).

Ian Stone, organiser of the Advanced Engineering UK 2012 of events (which includes FOUR key national shows covering crucial components of the UK’s advanced engineering agenda – including Aero Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Composites Engineering and Plastic Electronics) states; “ We are experiencing a brave new world in the transition from RDA to LEP support structures and this programme represents a timely opportunity to provide a 3-way intelligence exchange, to facilitate further action. First, an opportunity for individual LEPs, with progressive plans and programmes for developing their region’s advanced engineering and high value manufacturing sector, to get face to face contact to acquaint a broad cross section of local, national and international industry groups with their specific visions and policies, and to have the opportunity to meet and discuss. Second the opportunity for the advanced engineering and manufacturing sector itself to talk directly about what it requires from the developing LEP structures. Finally, the opportunity for like-minded LEPs to forge dialogue and intra-LEP cooperation, within the context of the UK’s foremost advanced engineering event, as well as compare best practice in support initiatives.

Full details of participating LEPs will be available on any of the individual show websites or via the group of events hub site :

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September 2012

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