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New! Compact Weather Transmitter from Vaisala.

The Vaisala Weather Transmitter WXT510 revolutionizes weather measurement. It offers a full set of sensors in one instrument, enabling you to easily set up a weather station.

The WXT510 measures wind speed and direction, liquid precipitation, barometric pressure, temperature and relative humidity - all in one instrument.

The WXT510 is compact, durable, simple to install and easy to integrate. As the instrument has no moving parts, it requires minimal maintenance. The WXT510 is flexible due to its various options, opening new possibilities for weather measurement.

Vaisala's experience in environmental measurements and its continuous sensor development are combined in this new weather transmitter. The wind speed and direction measurement is based on the advanced ultrasonic Vaisala WINDCAP® Sensor, which ensures accurate readings from all wind directions without blind angles.

The precipitation measurement in the WXT510 uses the new Vaisala RAINCAP® Sensor. Compared to traditional precipitation gauges, the sensor gives more detailed information about precipitation.

The WXT510 measures accumulated rain fall, rain intensity and duration in real time. The Vaisala RAINCAP® Sensor is the only maintenance-free precipitation sensor on the market.

The humidity, temperature and barometric pressure measurements are based on the patented Vaisala HUMICAP®, Vaisala THERMOCAP® and Vaisala BAROCAP® Sensors. The sensors utilize a capacitive measurement method for each parameter.

April 2005

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