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New Dewpoint Transmitter for Very Dry Gases.

The DRYCAP® Dewpoint Transmitter DMT152 is a small-size dewpoint measurement instrument designed for measuring dry air or gas in OEM applications. The instrument can measure dewpoint even down to -80 °C (-112 °F) or 1 ppm of humidity.

The accuracy and reliability of the DMT152 performance is based on the Vaisala DRYCAP® polymer sensor technology. It has a low maintenance need due to the long-term stability and durability against condensation. The DMT152 mechanics have been designed for harsh environments requiring protection against dust, dirt, and splashed water.

Typical areas of application are air and plastics dryers, dry chambers, pure gases, and high-voltage circuit breakers. The DMT152 measures accurately and reliably also in the combination of low humidity and hot air, typical in plastics drying.

May 2008

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