Laser Sensors have 10 nanometer resolution. A new range of non-contact laser based gauging sensors with a resolution of 10 nanometers are now available from Variohm Components. Using a specular reflective triangulation measurement principle this new product, designated the SLS 7000, is suitable for measuring on highly reflective surfaces such as silicon wafers, stainless steel even true mirrors. This highly specialised Class II sensor has a 16 kHz sampling rate and employs a "Fast Light Control Circuit", it is designed to operate over a 1 millimeter measuring range. By utitising an extremely small visible laser spot of only 10 to 20 microns diameter the SLS 7000 is specially well suited to the profiling of intricate shapes which contain minuscule cracks and grooves. Although it is a very precise device the SLS 7000 is extremely rugged and quite compact. Careful mechanical layout combined with high quality optics and state-of-the-art electronics have resulted in a system which is very insensitive to external noise and spurious reflections from the target surface. The design allows for the integration of a CCD camera to aid an operator in positioning the head over the target area. Specific applications include the measurement of the surface roughness of silicon wafers during semiconductor manufacture but it is suitable for many other inspection applications. Each SLS 7000 is fadtory calibrated to provide a resolution of 10 nanometers and an accuracy of 0.05%.

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January 2001

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