Combined Precision Potentiometer & Multi-function Switch. The PL320 potentiometer from Variohm is an enhancement of the existing Contelec PL300/310 Range. In addition to being designed to offer high accuracy under extreme environmental conditions it can also offer the user customised signal switching. The ability to integrate switches in this manner opens up many new fields of application perhaps the most obvious one being joystick controllers. The PL320 is normally supplied with continuous mechanical rotation and with an electrical function angle of between 15 and 348 degrees. The ability to have a second, redundant, output signal is optional as is the possibility of incorporating one or more switches into the 22 mm diameter housing. The PL320 comes with a standard linearity of +/- 1% but this can be improved up to 0.25% if the application demands it. Despite its high accuracy the PL320 will operate safely and reliably even in the most arduous conditions. It has an lP65 sealed housing, can operate over a temperature range of -25°C to +85°C and can tolerate vibration and shock of 10g and 50g respectively, whilst offering a life expectancy of better than 5 Million cycles. The PL320 is so flexible that even the mode of connection can be customised. The user has a choice of round or flatband cable encapsulated into the housing or he can specify solder pins, a multipole connector or even AMP terminals.

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Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1327 351004
Fax: +44(0) 1327 353564

June 2001

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