Hollow Shaft Position Transducers save on space. The GL60 range of Hollow Shaft position Transducers from Variohm offer convenience in mounting but also save space. Utilising Conductive plastics technology the GL60's offer absolute angular position monitoring, in a small package and at a reasonable cost. They employ elastomer damped wipers and a dual sealing system which results in units which are able to withstand the very harshest conditions. One interesting field of application is on racing car suspension. The environmental factors here include water thrown up from the tyres, abrasive carbon fibre dust from the brakes and very high temperatures especially when the vehicle is brought to a standstill in the pits. The GL60 is more than equal to these problems being extremely stable in humid or hot conditions. Autosport obviously has a very high profile but the GL60 is so competitively priced that it is suitable for use on a wide variety of less exotic applications such as Servo Valve positioning, Surveillance cameras, Vehicle testing, Robotics and Medical applications.

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June 2001

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