Attractively priced quality potentiometers. Most potentiometers offer you a simple choice an attractive price or a decent specification. The model PC2O from Variohm Components bridges the gap between these two extremes. The PC20 is available as a with a Cermet element for hand adjustment or with a Conductive Plastic element for use in positional feedback systems. In either case the rugged design makes the PC20 suitable for use in even the very worst of conditions. The fully sealed housing ensures that a reliable, good quality signal will be achieved even under conditions of extreme vibration. The PC20 will tolerate 20 g vibration over the frequency range 30-2000 Hz (this assumes a maximum movement of 0.75 mm) Nominal resistance values are 1 k.ohm to 1 M.ohm depending upon the elemnt material. It can have an electrical function angle of between 50 and 320 degrees and a linearity of better than 5% which is outstanding for this class of potentiometer. The plastic housing measures 16 mm high, 20 mm wide and 20 mm deep, electrical connections are made via integral cables or solder pins. The life expectancy is a remarkable 2 million operations for the Conductive Plastic version and 50,000 cycles for the Cermet. The PC20 is designed as standard to offer maximum value, it is however available with a whole host of customer specified options. These include different shaft materials such as plastic, brass or stainless steel. The standard shaft is 6mm diameter with a 5mm flat on it but other designs can be accommodated. For really high vibration applications a special high torque option is available in order to prevent accidental operation.

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Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
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August 2001

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