Off-the-shelf Speed/Distance Monitoring Systems. Speed or Distance monitoring systems are now available from Variohm Components. A system consists of an encoder, a drive drum, a mounting bracket and a digital readout. The encoder is mounted so that the drive drum is in contact with the part or web to be monitored. As the drum rotates, due to the movement of the part or web, the encoder emits a string of pulses which are then read by the display and the speed or distance travelled is calculated and displayed. From the user's point of view these systems are simplicity itself to apply. Since they are supplied pre-calibrated all that the user needs to concern himself with is ensuring that the drum makes a good contact with the object being monitored so that no slippage occurs. Typical applications are found in the paper processing and textile industries as well as in general machine control. Application notes are supplied with each system.

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Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
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August 2001

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