Position Transducer offers improved sealing and longer life. The latest derivative of Variohm's popular VLP range of Linear Position Transducers is the model VLP-F which is a flange mounted spring loaded version. Designed to be mechanically compatible with industry standard mountings the VLP-F offers improved sealing through the use of a double shaft seal arrangement. The incorporation of Novotechnik elements and wipers also means that the service life is better than competitive devices. A final bonus is that the body length on the longest unit, which has a 150 mm stroke, is a massive 36 mm shorter than similar devices from other manufacturers. The VLP-F has a spring loaded shaft for use on gauging applications. It also comes equipped with a hardened steel ball gauging head. This head is designed for applications where the transducer is used to make a measurement and then withdrawn from its working position. If an application calls for a transducer which can continually monitor a profile or web Variohm can supply a head which incorporates a roller. In common with all potentiometric position transducers the VLP-F is an absolute device which offers a very high repeat accuracy. This feature makes it suitable for use on a wide variety of machines where the ability to set the machine and virtually forget about it is desirable. The VLP-F knows where it is at all times, even after an interruption in the power supply.

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September 2001

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