Ultra-High capacity short flange Dynamometer Torque Sensor. Variohm Components introduce their new ultra-high capacity Model 2000-700 Series Torque sensor. Designed to be used primarily in dynamometer test stands they are ideal for large engine and transmission testing. The main benefits of the 2000-700 units include high torsional stiffness and low rotating inertia, this latter feature making these units ideal for measuring high frequency response characteristics. These units are designed to mate directly to commercially available coupling flange halves. The 2000-700 units consist of strain gauge technology coupled with digital telemetry which provides a non-contact method of transferring the output signal. Sensor capacity ranges from 20,000 ft.lbs to 60,000 ft.lbs. This new design has a high level output at rated capacity of +/- 5 volts or 4-20 mA. Non-linearity and hysteresis specifications of +/- 0.25% or befter with a repeatability of 0.05%. The maximum speed of operation is 3.000 rpm. In addition to the Model 2000-700CS Variohm can supply a complete range of rotary in-line and reaction torque sensors as well as fatigue rated and general purpose Ioadcells. These products are ideal for precision measurement in R & D, manufacturing, process control and many other applications in a broad range of markets.

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Variohm-Eurosensor Ltd.
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October 2001

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