Design changes in range of potentiometers. Design changes to four areas of the Novotechnik SP2800 range of potentiometers mean that this market leading product offers even more in terms of versatility and performance. The material from which the housing Is moulded has been changed from Torlon to Ceistran, which is less brittle. This change means that fabrication of the bodies Is easier and quicker and that the units can tolerate more abuse and mishandling In the field. The change in body material was also combined with an increase In the thickness of the mounting ears, this added strength and lessened the chance of breakage during mounting. The third area to be looked at was the bearing. Replacing Torlon with Celstran meant an increase in the potentiometer's staring torque. This arises simply because Torlon has a lower coefficient of friction that Celstarn. In order to offset this Increase Novotechnik have Introduced a high quality sintered bronze bearing Into the design, this has the added bonus of increasing sideloading capability. The final Improvement concerns the electrical function angle. Whereas the older design offered 308° maximum angle the newer design allows this to be increased to 345°. The newer version also allows secondary functions such as switches to be Integrated Into a customised design. These improvements will ensure that the SP2800 continuous to be used in applications as diverse as Formula 1 racing cars and Road Sweepers.

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May 2003

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