Contactless Sensor offers improved temperature specification. Offering a working temperature range of -40 to +125°C the all new RSC from Variohm-EuroSensor is a non-contacting Hall device offered in a package similar to their existing SP2800 range of conductive plastic potentiometers. In common with oil Hall devices it measures the orientation of a magnetic field in relation to a Hall Effect chip, the RSC differs from other products on the market, however, in the ease of use and versatility which it offers. Electrically the RSC has a host of useful features, including 0.5% linearity, 13 bit internal resolution, an electrical function which can be specified as clockwise or anticlockwise, and an effective electrical angle which can be specified from 30° to 1800 in 100 steps. Mechanically too the RSC is very user friendly. The body is made of a special temperature resistant material and incorporates ears which are used for fixing. These ears are slotted so that they also provide about 15° of adjustment. This adjustment combined with the anti-backlash push-on coupling makes mounting and calibration extremely simple. The housing is sealed to !P65 so it is resistant to dirt or dampness and the integrity of the output signal is guaranteed through the use of an integral fully screened multicore cable. Life expectancy is in excess of 50 million cycles so the RSC is well suited to applications in the plastics, printing, machine building and even the automotive industries.

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November 2003

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