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Non Contact Position Measurement. Ixthus Instrumentation the Non Contact Position Sensor Specialists have been appointed as ADE Technologies new technical partner in the UK. ADE Technologies manufactures precision, high-resolution, high-bandwidth, non-contact capacitance gauges and sensors, with measurement ranges between 50µm and 5mm, accuracies to sub-nanometre, linearity at 0.02% and bandwidths up to 20kHz, working in ultra high vacuum and non-magnetic applications. The products have been used in semiconductor and hard disk manufacturing, machine tool control and many aerospace and automotive applications, all requiring well engineered solutions to their precision measurement project. Ixthus Instrumentation can provide solutions using Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Laser or Capacitance technologies for true non contact position measurement.

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Ixthus Instrumentation Ltd.
Tel: +44(0) 1256 771166
Email: info@ixthus.co.uk
Web: www.ixthus.co.uk

October 2004

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