Load Cell solves high accuracy Weighbridge problems. Variohm EuroSensors are now able to offer weighbridge manufacturers and their customers, the possibility to weigh, under current EU legislation, high capacity vehicles to the accuracy only previously available under the "old" national or system methods. Although recent advantages in electronics have resulted in extremely high performance from indicators, load cells have to date been the limiting factor, resulting in weighbridges offering only moderate performance. Most weighbridges in the UK and Ireland are, for example, installed with a maximum capacity of 50 tonnes and a division size of 20kg ( i.e.1:2500) The Revere ASC series is an analogue single column compression load cell that has just been granted OIML R60 approval to C6. This enables its use in 50t or 60t weighbridges that can be calibrated and verified, under Council Directive 30/984/EEC for Non Automatic Weighing Instruments, with an accuracy of 10kg. This has proven popular for customers whose product was of high value, such as foodstuffs or metals, or where the traffic included smaller vehicles, with lower weights. The 200mm high design of the ASC and self-aligning set, make it suitable for use in new surface-mounted and pit-mounted weighbridges, as well as for retrofit applications. The ASC is of hermetically sealed, stainless steel construction and is, therefore, fully suited to the aggressive environments found in these applications. Ingress protection ratings of IP66 and IP68 ensure that it will withstand immersion in water as well as the influence of high pressure cleaning.

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April 2005

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