Durable sensors for endurance racecar. When racecar constructors RML Motorsport were commissioned to produce the MG Lola entrant for the Le Mans 24 Hour race they turned to Variohm-EuroSensor to provide data logging and control sensors. As the MG Lola was to be entered in a number of endurance races in addition to Le Mans sensor reliability was a major factor in the team's choice of a sensor supplier. Eventually Variohm products were specified for four functions on the MG Lola namely Suspension Height Monitoring, Steering Position, Gear Selection Control and Brake Pressure. The first three functions utilised potentiometers and the fourth a strain gauge pressure transducer. All of these devices are "absolute" insofar as they do not use any memory function they can be switched off or disconnected and will know precisely where they are or the pressure they are seeing immediately power is restored. Variohm's range of sensors are used in many industries not just in motorsport, typical applications would be in the fields of medicine, machine control, process control and laboratory testing.

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April 2005

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